Bitrig 1.0

The Bitrig team is pleased to announce the availability of the Bitrig 1.0 release. This is the first release of the Bitrig operating system and has many great changes since our initial fork from OpenBSD. This includes changes from OpenBSD up to their 5.6 release.

Key Features

LLVM/Clang 3.4 in base, replacing the outdated GNU GCC 4.2.1 to improve performance and C/C++ compatibility
libc++ and libc++abi replaces GNU libstdc++
FFS2 is the default file system and it has journal support (WAPBL) and booting capability
tmpfs replaces mfs and includes new features such as snapshots and tmpfsrd(4) ramdisk
Unlimited sized bsd.rd using the new tmpfsrd(4) driver
Thread-local storage (TLS) support
Support for UUIDs and xlocales in libc
Support for using GPT partitioned storage with an fdisk-like tool
Usability improvements in fdisk
Flashable USB boot image for amd64
ARM EABI + hard-float and improved armv7 SoC support
Fair kernel mutexes implemented using C11 atomic operations
ps(1): improved posix compliance & hierarchical output
Only one GNU tool in base (texinfo)
Single snapshot target for src and xenocara
Source code hosted on Github
Comprehensive collection of ports and packages
And most importantly: Hacker style console with green text on black background
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